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Company Overview
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Company Culture
Core Value
Customer focus
farseeing mind
Solidify cooperation
create a better future
Quality first
Science and Technology focus
Keep commitment
High responsibility
Customer focus, farseeing mind

We will make sure to create additional value for client, motivate client growing, and win success through exceeding client requirement. We pay great attention to each client demand and develop opportunity, combine industry development and integrate industry resources, to provide client the most reasonable and complete project proposal. We provide high quality equipment and best service to client, our service like: product formula development, technical support, program planning, equipment manufacture, installation and commissioning, whole procedure training etc. We strive for developing & innovation, and seize every opportunity to keep learning, keep forging ahead actively, which contribute to our client long term development.

Quality first, Science and Technology focus

Quality is the core factor for the development of one enterprise, we do not pursue “Quantity”, but pursue “Quality”. We adopt various reasonable and effective opinions, suggestions and working ways, which aims to improve our product only. We will spare no effort on providing better and more suitable solution for different client requirement, and will keep innovative continuously. We are very strict for product quality, and we persevere in developing high technology.

Keep commitment, play stronghearted

We promise to provide client high quality product and service; acquire good reputation among our suppliers; provide ideal returns for the investors; provide wide promotion and joint development. The only criterion for success is to keep and realize our commitment. In order to acquire client and JOY profit, we are actively providing suggestions and take actions, we undertake our own responsibility, and aims to contribute to the whole society.

Solidify cooperation, create a better future

In order to acquire better development and brilliant achievements, we respect and support each other among all our colleagues and partners. We enjoy whole cooperation procedures, and celebrate all achievements together. We try our best to doing every project well for each client, and we keep continuously commitment to provide valuable product and service for our customers. We hope to move forward together with you on the road of future development.

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Hotline: 021-57435033
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Office Add: NO.1377, Huhang Road, Fengxian District,Shanghai,China
TEL: +86 021 57435033 Fax: +86 021 5743 2999

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