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About Us

Shanghai JOY Light Industry Machinery CO., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in food machinery. JOY is well equipped with technology research, development center, engineering design team, equipment manufacturing organization, installation team and training and service team. It is specialized in dairy products, beverages, fruit juice, beer, canned food, ice cream and other foods. Main projects are as follows: design, manufacturing, installation and commission and turnkey projects of biological engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical production line. JOY has constantly introduced and absorbed foreign advanced technology and made great innovation through cooperation with various international counterparts.
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Find us

Office Add: NO.1377, Huhang Road, Fengxian District,Shanghai,China
TEL: +86 021 3183 8958
Fax: +86 021 3183 5759

Add: NO.2803, Hongzhu Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai City
TEL: +86 021 5759 8035
Fax: +86 021 5759 8038

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