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Apiece of orange heart, and your mission can be accomplished.

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Apiece of orange heart, and your mission can be accomplished.


      Chucheng Company was established on June 17, 2003, located in xinping county, yunnan province, its planting area is 2400 mu and 300,000 bingtang oranges are planted. The area around the company's base has extensive forest coverage, good ecological environment, no living village within 5 kilometers, no industrial and mining enterprises within 20 km radius, beautiful environment and fresh air, known as "natural greenhouse". The infrastructure of the base is sound, perfect and standardized. The irrigation water is drawn from the natural flowing spring water of Ailao Mountain. The water quality is clear. This is the most suitable bingtang orange growing area in south subtropical region.

       Due to the special location advantage and the ecological, green and high quality maintenance seedling management pattern, the orange is golden in color , with thin skin, bright luster, sweet taste, rich in juice, no nuclei or less, high melting rate, good taste, quality is much better than other areas, products are sold to Large and medium-sized cities across the country. Chucheng has become a household and inspirational brand.


         Along with the development of the yunnanChucheng, how to further enhance the market value and enrich product variety of Chucheng is an urgent problem needed to be solved, based on the market evaluation and exploration, Chucheng decided to enter the field of freshly squeezed juice, using their own high-quality raw material resources and brand influence, create high-quality freshly squeezed orange juice products.

       After a lot of communication, with years of experience in fruit and vegetable processing and fresh fruit juice, Shanghai Joy Machinery has successfully stood out from many competitors and won the favor of Chucheng, in the second half of 2017, the two sides finally signed the project of fresh squeezed orange juice production line filled with aseptic cold-filled PET bottle. Through the implementation of this production line, chucheng will enter the fresh juice market and enrich the product line of Chucheng brand.

       Now the project has entered the final stage of installation and debugging, and will soon be put into actual large production. The key parts of the production line are all equipped with international first-class configuration to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the production line, for example, cup type juicer adopt Buddha misha in Spain, heat exchanger unit of sterilizer using imported Sweden Tetra configuration, automatic CIP cleaning system configuration, and so on.

        At the same time, another major feature of this project is that it is the first time to adopt the large outdoor aseptic storage tank system independently developed by Tofflon Joy (the designed capacity is 1000T, and the first stage is 500T), and the storage capacity of a single tank reaches 250T, The implementation of this system broke the monopoly of foreign giants on the outdoor aseptic tank system, this system can store the materials in large quantity for a long time while ensuring the best taste, aroma and color of the materials (the longest warranty can be more than 1 year). Compared with the original aseptic large bag storage method, the material filling and manual handling cost are greatly reduced; In addition, this method does not require cold storage, which avoids the construction investment of cold storage and the operating cost of cold storage. The popularization and application of this system will bring the best solution to the problem of cover large area and high cost of fruit juice storage in large fruit processing projects.

        Adhere to an unwavering heart, firmly believe in a fixed concept; With the power of fruit, shake people's hearts, with the power of spirit, Pass on from generation to generation.

        Ten years of cultivation produce fruitful achievements; A hundred years of inheritance forge lasting legend.

        On the way forward, we are fortunate to develop with Chucheng. I wish the products of Chucheng sell well and keep writing new legends!



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