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2021 excellent employee commendation Conference

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    On January 12, 2022, Tofflon Joy held the 2021 excellent employee commendation meeting. Everyone gathered in the staff canteen to share the joy of honor.

    This commendation meeting was presided over by manager Han of the personnel department. First of all, he expressed heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work on behalf of the company. Tofflon Joy is growing, today's achievements are inseparable from the hard work and active cooperation of all employees.





   More work and more harvest. As long as you make enough efforts, you will get corresponding harvest in the future. Manager Han read out the selection results, commended the award-winning advanced employees, and the leaders of various departments presented awards and took a group photo as a souvenir.














    Subsequently, the representatives of excellent employees also delivered wonderful award-winning speeches. They said that they were only doing their own work well. The company provided us with a platform for learning, growth and development. Only by continuously improving their own ability and work efficiency and making positive efforts can they contribute to the development of the company.










    At the end of the commendation meeting, vice president Yu made a concluding speech. She praised the award-winning excellent employees and said that there are still many excellent employees in the company who failed to win the award due to the limited number of places, but hope we can work together, make persistent efforts and create brilliance! In particular, the installation team still working in the front line and the employees who cannot return home overseas, we will not forget their contributions. They are the company's valuable wealth and strength to rely on!



    All the way forward, thank you! At present, the epidemic risk still exists. I hope you can do a good job in protection and pay attention to safety. On the occasion of the arrival of the new year, wish all employees and their families a happy new year, good health, all the best, peace and happiness!




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