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A fire in the winter warm the heart||Jiangsu Lijian Chinese herbal and fruit and vegetable fermentation processing project successfully completed!

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    Jiangsu Lijian Life Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd is a comprehensive scientific and technological enterprise that integrates fruit and vegetable cultivation, health care products research and development, biotechnology research and development, incubation, manufacturing, medical health research, and edible fermented products manufacturing.                        

    Shanghai Tofflon Food Engineering Department was honored to undertake Chinese herbal and fruit and vegetable fermentation turnkey processing project.



    We always adhere to the mission of "expertise in food industry" , bring the idea of "God helps those who help themselves"  to work,  In spite of the cold weather, the workers always focus on the interests of the customers. The hot working atmosphere of the scene makes people forget the cold of the winter. Our consistent product quality, full range of quality of service, equipment installation and construction ability, obtain the unanimous approval of our customers. At present, the project infrastructure, equipment in place, installation and other work have been completed successfully this month.


    After years of hard work and precipitation, the equipment of Shanghai Tofflon Food Engineering    Department has won many new and old customer approval. We will also unswervingly pursue technology, improve product quality, integrate advanced technology concepts, and devote ourselves to R & D to produce more equipment that meets customer needs and meets higher technological requirements. 




    At the beginning of the new year, all the staff of Shanghai Tofflon Food Engineering Department wish all the new and old customers to take a new starting point and a new journey!

   Over the past year, we experienced a groundless talk, because of your support and trust, we can get the fruits of the present, in the coming new year, we sincerely look forward to further cooperation with you, hand in hand to create a harvest of 2018!


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