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Tofflon Food Engineering signed a strategic cooperation agreement with OAID

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On July 3, 2023, Tofflon Food Engineering held a meeting of East Africa strategic partners in Dongtai production base, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ethiopia OAID ONLINE.











thiEthiopia, as a transportation hub in East Africa, has a unique geographical advantage. OAID has been deeply rooted in Ethiopia for over ten years, and its service scope can radiate throughout East Africa. Technical personnel can arrive at customer sites within 5 hours to quickly provide technical support and spare parts requirements. The efficient operational experience and professional service team fully reflect the unique advantages of localized services.






    At the meeting, Yu Fengying, Deputy General Manager of Tofflon Food engineering, gave a detailed introduction to the company's development status, strategic layout, etc. The technical team also carried out training exchanges and discussions, which strengthened the comprehensive understanding of both teams in the field of food and beverage. Our partners gave us high praise for our technical strength, quality control, factory scale, delivery capacity, etc. It has also strengthened our confidence in market cooperation, achieved complementary advantages and resource sharing between both parties, improved value transformation, and jointly achieved collaborative innovation.





    Tofflon Food engineering and OAID have established a team cooperation and service center in East Africa, opening a new chapter of Tofflon Food engineering in the East African market! I believe that in the near future, with continuous cooperation and exploration from both parties, we can achieve common progress and win-win cooperation. We will use better product performance and more complete service system to help the global development of the food and beverage industry and achieve the dream of OAID's industrialization in Africa!




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