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2018 New journey, new leap forward||The annual meeting of Shanghai Tofflon Food Engineering Department came to a successful end !

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    January 13th, 2018, the annual meeting of Shanghai Tofflon Food Engineering Department was held, we invited the company's important leaders and guests, some partners, and the workers who have come back from the site, all people gathered together, look forward to the vigorous blueprint of the company's future development. Colleagues in various departments signed in actively, and had a group photo taken.




    At the beginning of the annual meeting, the vice president of Tofflon, Mr. Zheng made a new year's speech, affirmed the achievements we have achieved in the past year, general manager Mr. Yu explained the organizational structure of Shanghai Tofflon Food Engineering Department, and summarized 2017, plan 2018. The impassioned speech of leaders added a lot of confidence to all of us, and gave greater enthusiasm and hope for our work!



the vice president of Tofflon, Mr. Zheng made a new year's speech



general manager Mr. Yu explained the organizational structure, and summarized 2017, plan 2018.



   The show was rich and colorful, and there were popular chorus songs, self directed short sketch and talk show, lively dances, and sign language dance "the heart of gratitude" , expressed our gratitude to the company and our leaders and colleagues. The whole show was warm and cheerful and the program was wonderful, the platform has become a sea of joy, the applause, cheers and laughter can be heard without end!



    The lucky draw interspersed in the show was more exciting, let the leaders and partners participate as our Lottery guests, and the atmosphere set off again and again.



    The entire evening, every link made leaders, partners, and all staff feel our Tofflon culture, embodied Tofflon team cohesion and the spirit of good cooperation between colleagues, improved staff cohesion, centripetal force, strong willpower and enterprising spirit. Different styles of performance reflect our different demeanor, but one thing is common: for the good tomorrow of the company, we go all out and work hard! In the laughter and applause of everyone, the annual meeting brought to a successful close,let us hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, ride the wind and waves, to achieve more fruitful results.



    Time flies, we bid farewell to 2017 with great achievements, and ushered in a hopeful 2018! On the occasion of the arrival of the new year, we are here to give all our new and old friends a new year's in advance, and to thank their support of the past year。 Hope that in the new year, we have a better, more happy and more dynamic cooperation ! 










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