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Sterilization and filling solution for large fruit pulp products

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Sterilization and filling solution for large fruit pulp products



1. Introduction


The sterilization and filling technology of large fruit pulp products has been a difficult problem for many businesses and raw material suppliers for many years. The larger the size of the fruit pulp, the higher the manufacturing technology requirements for the sterilization and filling equipment.

Shanghai Tofflon Joy combines the advanced technology at home and abroad and its own advantages to meet the market demand. Through independent research and development, design and manufacture of instant sterilization continuous filling equipment for large fruit pulp products -- multifunctional pipe-in-pie sterilizer and aseptic large bag filling system.



2.Multifunctional pipe-in-pie sterilizer


2.1 Equipment description

The equipment adopts a sleeve-type circulation structure, with steam, hot water, and cold water as the heat exchange medium, which can be used for continuous sterilization of materials with high solid content and high viscosity. It can be used directly with electronic scale weighing aseptic large bag filling machine.

2.2 Application fields

It is suitable for all kinds of fruit and vegetable clear juice, puree, concentrated juice, fruit jam, honey, syrup, popping boba, pulp, fruit grain , etc. (≤ 10 mm) with large particle content (≤ 70%) sterilization of comprehensive products.

2.3 Technical parameters

Production capacity: 1-5 T/H; Sterilization temperature: 95-120℃; Sterilization time: adjusted according to different  materials 

2.4  Equipment features:

1. The whole machine is mainly made of high-quality stainless steel, and all material contacted parts are made of SUS316, with safe and reliable quality;

2. High degree of automation, with automatic PLC control system, convenient operation, production process can be automatically controlled and recorded;

3. Equipped with pump valve, electrical components, and actuator components are international famous brands, the system control response sensitivity is high, the operation is stable and reliable, and the failure rate is low;

4. With CIP self-cleaning system, which can realize effective online cleaning and sterilization (CIP and SIP);

5.The structure of the whole machine is simple, and the maintenance and repair are convenient, and the whole machine meets the requirements of food grade hygiene.



3.Aseptic large bag filling machine


3.1 Equipment description

The aseptic large bag filling system integrates pre-sterilization, filling and cleaning, and can realize filling with various capacities of 5-220kg. According to customer needs, it can be designed as multiple filling heads or ton bags/ton boxes and other filling forms, which can fill different capacity packaging containers at the same time, and is compatible with BiB packaging.

3.2 Application fields

It is suitable for aseptic filling of various products such as fruit and vegetable juice, puree, fruit particles, jam, herbal tea, dairy products etc.

3.3 Equipment features

1. Equipped with a large barrel workbench and a small bag workbench, the height of the position can be adjusted according to the size of the packaging container to adapt to the filling of products of different specifications;

2. Provide a variety of safety guarantees to prevent mechanical damage and ensure product quality;

3. CIP cleaning pipeline adopts high quality stainless steel SUS304, fixed connection;

4. Adopt Siemens PLC and touch screen to realize automatic control and operation of equipment temperature and metering;

5. Aseptic product sampling can achieve quantitative control.




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