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The successful completion of the seventeenth Dairy Technology Exhibition

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The seventeenth Dairy Technology Exhibition" was held in Inner Mongolia International Conference and Exhibition Center on 25-27th August, 2017 .



Shanghai Tofflon JOY and Tofflon Dehui showed the independent researched aseptic tank system, automatic sterilization system, and combined purify air conditioning unit which conforming to GMP certification requirements. 


We offer one-stop service. Help enterprises to achieve high quality projects with short delivery, high efficiency and reasonable cost, and complete the project in the way of the system turnkey project.



We have excellent design resources and a perfect purchasing system, complete production process equipmen, purification engineering, MES, etc. The design, purchase, manufacture, installation, construction, self-control, verification and other services can be completed independently.

In order to make the dairy industry bigger and stronger, produce the high quality dairy products with the people's satisfaction and relief, create a dairy industry with international competitiveness, nurturing a world famous brand of dairy industry. We are willing to make a contribution.

Planning, designing and installation from a single equipment R & D to the whole plant, we will be your best partner. 


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