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Welcome the New Year, Look forward to the future!

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Welcome the New Year,  Look forward to the future!




The cold wind is brisk and the winter is intense. The footsteps of 2019 are getting closer and closer!

Under the correct guidance of the leaders of all departments, especially with the strong support of all staff, Tofflon Food Engineering Division spent 2018 together. We fought side by side with one heart and one mind, and made great achievements with passion and wisdom.

Looking back on 2018, we have paid hard work, but also harvested hope, more wonderful! Years go by, God rewards diligence. Achievements are condensation of the diligence and wisdom of all employees in Tofflon Food Engineering Division, and are also filled with sweat and tears of countless people. At this moment, there are still many staff members who stick to the front line and can not spend the New Year with their families. Here, I would like to pay the highest tribute to the staff and their relatives who still stick to their jobs during the New Year's Day.

    Looking ahead to the coming year of 2019, opportunities and challenges coexist, hopes and difficulties coexist, and the task we faced with is still very arduous. Let's continue to adhere to the working keynote of "Expertise in Food Industry", and the concept of pharmaceuticals and technical services to escort the development of the food industry. Roll up sleeves and work hard, based on a new starting point, seize new opportunities, meet new challenges and achieve new leaps!

Along the way, we thank every customer and friend for their support, recognition and feedback. On the occasion of the New Year, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings to all new and old customers and friends. Happy New Year's Day to all!

May everyone of Tofflon Joy better demonstrate the new style of Tofflon Food Engineering Division in the new year, create a brilliant future for Tofflon, continuously make remarkable new achievements in career, and write a more magnificent and happy new chapter on the stage of life! Create a new beginning for the next 25th anniversary of Tofflon and move towards a new peak!


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