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Packing machine

Equipment characteristics Technical parameter

l It is suitable for carton packaging of beer, beverage, bottled water, medicine, food and other bottles (cans) products.  1/5 cost is saved by paper packing method than traditional packing method

l With the combination of centralized control system and man-machine interface, various control functions of packaging are improved, and the parameters of various packaging specifications are directly input, modified and stored .

l The flat paperboard is wrapped in one time, with unique carton pressing technology. The carton is molded firmly, the packaging effect is beautiful, the labor intensity of the operator is reduced to the minimum, and the requirement for the paperboard is also lowest.

l Using famous hot melt adhesive machine, is easy to operate, durable, and is beautiful after packaging


Equipment model


Equipment size


Working speed


Curing time of hot melt adhesive


 Gas consumption


Total power/voltage

3 phase380V   50Hz/7KW

Equipment total weight



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