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Case packing machine

Equipment description:


The case packing machine is used to complete the conveying package, the finished packing product loading into the case in a certain arrangement and quantitative , and close or seal the opening part of the case. Most automatic case packing machines use new type composite structure, including the forming case device,batch device, filling device and case sealing device and other function unit. Separately completed the corresponding functional actions, and all devices are installed on the same main frame. Using PLC+ touch screen control. No bottle alarm to stop, no bottle no case packing safety device. Greatly convenient operation and management, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, is an essential equipment for automated scale production.


Equipment characteristics

 Computer program control, simple operation, movement coordination and stability

 According to the packing requirements, the products can be arranged automatically

 Wide application range and can be used for packing various products

 It is especially suitable for matching with the packing line, compact structure and convenient to move.

 The degree of automation is high, reducing the production personnel and labor intensity




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