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Fire evacuation drill

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Everyone is responsible for paying attention to fire fighting





  In order to strengthen and enhance the emergency management and improve the fire safety awareness and self-protection and self rescue ability of employees, Tofflon Joy held a fire emergency evacuation drill activity on the afternoon of May 8, 2021. At 15: 30, with the command of the commander in chief, the alarm sounded and the drill began immediately.


Dormitory evacuation



    After hearing the alarm, the commanders evacuate from the emergency exit respectively, and guide the personnel to escape effectively according to the specified fire passage to avoid congestion. The evacuees covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, quickly evacuated to the safe area along the corridor, then counted the number of people, checked whether there were personnel omissions, and timely reported to the commander in chief.


Fire fighting equipment drill



  After the safe evacuation of all the dormitory staff, the company also explained the basic fire safety knowledge of how to report fire, fire prevention, self rescue and escape methods, and demonstrated the operation procedure of how to use the fire extinguisher on site, and let the staff personally experience the process of using the fire extinguisher to put out the fire, so that they can master the correct operation method of using the fire extinguisher.

Summary of fire drill


  After the drill, the commander in chief commented on the drill, and pointed out the existing problems. The whole drill process was tense and orderly, busy but not chaotic, and achieved the expected effect. The fire evacuation drill also made the staff correctly understand the fire prevention measures and emergency escape methods, greatly enhanced the staff's safety awareness and self-protection and self-rescue skills, played a good role in promoting the fire safety of Tofflon Joy.

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