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Large Outdoor Storage Tank

This equipment is well equipped with cleaning system, stirrer system, lighting and viewing devices, thermometer and liquid level indication meter.


Application Fields:

Large Outdoor Storage Tank is widely used in large milk collection center, or used for milk outdoor storage at large milk production plant; also can be used in other food and pharmacy factory for storage other liquid product.

Equipment characteristics Technical description

1. With inner shell and outer cladding structure, PU insulated;

2. Dimple jacket cooling design, which is good for storage fresh milk;

3. Special door design for workshop wall, convenient to get sample and easy operation;

4. Shell inner wall transition section use round arc transition, to make sure no sanitary dead corner;


Material: all material use high quality SUS304-2B or SUS316L stainless steel, inner shellδ=3-4mm outer claddingδ=2mm, jacket δ=1.5mm;

Structure: cylindrical shape, top conical cover 15 degree, with skirt base at bottom; PU(Polyurethane) heat insulation;  with cooling dimple jacket at tank wall and bottom.

Volume range: 15,000L-120,000L

Standard attachments:

a)      One air tight side manway;

b)      One side mounted agitator at bottom(960rpm);

c)      One PT100 thermometer, temperature range 0~100℃;

d)      Two CIP cleaning ball;

e)      One aseptic sample valve;

f)       Air ventilation cap prevent fly etc. dirty come inside;

g)      Product inlet/outlet;

h)      Cooling medium inlet/outlet;

i)       Liquid level sensor;

j)       Ladder with guardrail and protection fence at tank top.




 External diameter(mm)

Total height(mm)

Insulation layer(mm)

 Diameter of product inlet/outlet

 Motor power


 Side agitatorspeed (rpm)

























































It can be made according to customers' special requirements. For those 120T or biggeroutdoor storage tank, we recommend to manufacturingat site considering expensive transportation cost.



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