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Plate Type Sub Ultra High Temperature Pasteurizer (HTST – 4 Sections)

Thispasteurizing temperature is between pasteurize and ultra-high temperature, the production procedures are as following: 5℃→65℃(homogenize )→120℃(15S)→25℃/5℃.

Semi-auto control: UK SpiraxSarco steam pressure reducing valve, Germany Burkert or Spiraxsarco temperature control system, Germany Labomtemperature sensor, Anthone paperless temperature recorder, Italy Goulds brand hot water pump; Siemens LOGO control, precise temperature control:±0.5 degree.

Full automatic control: UK Spiraxsarco steam pressure reducing valve, Germany Burkert or Spiraxsarco temperature control system, Germany Labom temperature sensor, Italy Goouldshot water pump; Siemens PLC Full-Auto control with touch screen, precise temperature control:±0.5 degree.


Application Fields:

It is use to continuously pasteurize milk, modulated milk, grape wine, soy milk, dairy beverage etc. same type product. 

Equipment characteristics Technical parameters

Heating product and media in the separated closed system through non-contact heating exchange, which is to make sure the product sanitary and safe.

Pasteurize time is very short, to ensure not damage the nutrition ingredients of product. This machine use food sanitary type stainless steel material, which make sure to meet national beverage food equipment safety and hygienic requirements; and use imported main control parts, valves and fittings, which has long working life.  


Process capacity

Heat exchanging area(m2)



 steam consumption(kg/h)

 External dimension(mm)



 1 t/h







 2 t/h














 4-5 t/h







 6-8 t/h







 10 t/h







 15 t/h







 20 t/h








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