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Destoner is one of the key equipment in fruit pulp production for stone fruits. The fruit flesh and fruit stone is separated by physical extrusion, the tooth roller gap can be adjusted according to fruits size, to ensure stone removing, then to get the best fruit flesh.


Application  Fields:

This machine is mainly applicable for de-stone fruits in ambient temperature, such as peach, apricot, plum etc.

Working Principle Equipment characteristics Technical parameters

This type destoner removes the hard stone from the fruits by rotating two tooth rollers and rubber roller. The fruits fall down to the inlet hopper from the former procedure and then are pressed to thetwo roller by a crank-link mechanism plate; the two rollers rotates in opposite direction and most of the fruit flesh is pressed to the gap of the teeth on the roller then the stones(seed of the fruit)are pressed on the stretchy rubber roller; the flesh between the teeth on the roller will be then scratched out by a brush. The stone still with some flesh on it will be washed by the stone washer. Then fruit stone and flesh will be removed.

1.Can separate the fruit flesh and the stone effectively;

2.Large processing capacity, high efficiency, easy operation;

3. You can regulate the rubber crush degreeaccording to fruit size, easy to adjust roller gap, to achieve best de-stone effect.

4.The rollers and the scraper can be replaced considering the status of the machine, and it is easy toinstall;

5.Theframe adopts high quality SUS304 stainless steel as material, has a good integral structure;

6.The whole machine is fully closed structure, except the inlet and outlet, good safety protection



Outer size(L×W×H)

  Suggested capacity

  Suggested power

 The capacity and power depend on different raw fruits


Material is SUS304 stainless steel; frequency converter regulation speed




















 Diameter of the rubber roller: Φ295, diameter of teeth roller: Φ298; 

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