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Double stage pulping machine

It is used to pulping different fruit and vegetables. It is the best machine to make jam, fruit juice and vegetable juice. The function of this machine is to separate the juice from the fruit peel and seed. The machine mainly includes: spindles, automatic cleaning parts, screen parts, water systems, electrical systems. Spindle part includes two components, bearing box and impeller.


Application Fields:

It is applicable for de-stone, pulping and separating stone fruits like mango, peach, apricot, date; berry fruits like kiwi fruit and strawberry;Kernel fruits after pre-cooked and softened (such as apple, pear, pumpkin etc.).

Working Principle Equipment characteristics Technical parameters

Pumping the material into the first product barrel, the spindle drives impeller rotating at high speed, the impeller drives product under friction and extrusion with screen, which separates the pulp, and juice from the fruit peel, core and seed. The fruit flesh and juice go into the next procedure through screen small hole, meanwhile the fruit peel and seeds ismoving into the shaft end and being discharged out through slag outlet; the second stage product barrel structure same with the first one, but the second stage screen mesh is smaller, and spindle speed faster. 

The double stage pulping machine adopts two stages pulping to improvethe fruit pulp fineness and separate the fruit residue further.

1.Fruit pulp and residue can be separated automatically;

2.Can be mounted in a processing line, or running separately;

3.All productcontact part use high quality stainless steel, which meetfood sanitary standard;

4. Easy to clean and disassembly;




 Outer size(L×W×H)


Suggested capacity

Suggested power

Different raw fruits need different capacity and power machine


 SUS304 stainless steel ,rotary speed 960-1200RPM

















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