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Brush washing machine

Brushing washing machine is designed and manufactured by the fruits and vegetables food processing industry developing requirement. This equipment uses food grade nylon brush roller, integral stainless steel bracket, centralized lubricating device and manual fruit moving device. When it is operation, brush roller wash the fruit with high-pressure spray, which can effectively remove the stains, dust and pesticides in the surface of fruits and vegetables.


Application  Fields:

Applicable to clean various fruits (like apple, pear, citrus, peach, plum etc.) and vegetables (carrot, potatoes, onion, ginger etc.). 

Working Principle Equipment characteristics

Feeding fruits throughmaterial inlet, rotate and moving fruits forward through chain transmission from inlet hopper to the outlet hopper, at the same time automatic clean spray the fruit. In the propulsion process, fruits canbe 360o cleaned, clean the fruit juice and dirt in the surface of the fruits. The bearings of brush roller and nylon roller are supported on the both sides of the main bracket, and installed with water retaining plate and drive sprocket. Power is provided by reducer, and transmitted through the sprocket and chain to nylon brush and stick. The movable door can be opened according to your need, which is generally used for the maintenance of the bearing and the chain adjustment. The equipment is installed with a centralized lubrication device, which is convenient for bearinglubrication. Considering fruit discharge, the inlet and outlet hopper is designed to inclined type. At the end of the fruit cleaning, the fruits should be discharged manually through fruits moving device, and the water collection tray bottom flange connect pipe to discharge water out.

1.It is made of stainless steel, meet national food hygiene standards;

2.The whole structure design is reasonable, simple and practical, easy to install and maintenance;

3.With spray cleaning pipe, and manual fruit moving device, easy to operate;

4. Frame welding structure is strong and durable,the whole machine runs smoothly, without noise, to ensure the failure-free operation.

5. High-quality and high toughness brush, durable;

6. The brush roller adopts the unique design of wave shape, so that the fruit can be 360oclean, more effective to removedirt on the surface of the fruit.

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