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Aseptic Tubular Ultra High Temperature Sterilizer (UHT)

Siemens PLC Full-Auto control with touch screen


Application Fields:

Mainly used for continuously sterilizing fruit juice, tea beverage and other product. It can be connecting with homogenizer, degasser etc. equipment. 

Technical parameters Equipment characteristics

1) 5℃→65℃(Homogenize)→137℃(3-5S)→20℃-25℃, applicable for aseptic package;

2) 5℃→65℃(Homogenize)→115℃/125℃(5-15S)→88℃-90℃, applicable for hot filling;

3) 5℃→65℃(Homogenize)→115℃/125℃(5-15S)→75℃-78℃, applicable for middle temperature filling

Tubular sterilizer performs the hot processing on the liquid foods and beverage product. It has the following advantages compare with other similar type sterilizer:

1. High heat efficiency, 90% heat recover efficiency after processing product;

2. Temperature difference between product and heating medium is small, heat exchange pipe use corrugated pipe, high heat exchange efficiency, few scaling, long working life;

3. High automation degree, which can automatically control the CIP cleaning, self-sterilization, and the whole sterilization procedures steps; It can record and control all the procedures;

4. It can precisely control the sterilizing temperature, strictly automatic controlsteam pressure, steam flow rate and product flow rate;

5. Product pipe inner wall adopts advanced polish skill and automatic welding, pipe design to be cleaned automatically, and self-sterilization ensures whole system at aseptic state;

6. It is a strong safety system, whole system parts use good performance product, steam, hot water, product etc. all have pressure protection measure and alarm system.

7. It is highly reliable system, main parts like product pump, hot water pump, various types of valve, control system electrical components and parts all use world famous brand.

8. With self- SIP system.

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