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Split type Semi-auto CIP system

This CIP system is composed by acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, concentrated acid and concentrated alkali tank, progress pump, electrical control box, concentrated acid and concentrated alkali diaphragm pump, valves, piping and fittings etc. Each storage tank is made of high quality stainless steel, acid and alkali contact part use SUS316L stainless steel, centrifugal product feeding pump, reflux pump, product feeding pump inlet connect with three storage tank liquid mouth, and controlled by butterfly valve, the outlet connect with duplex filters and each pipes, the cleaning liquid to be heated and transferred to each cleaning point (use stirrer blending cleaning liquid uniformly). Reflux pump inlet connect with reflux pipe, the outlet connect with four storage tank upper reflux liquid mouth (inlet) , and to be controlled by butterfly valve, each storage tank bottom part with drainage outlet and overflow mouth, and with thermometer and liquid level gauge, top with manway lid, with concentrated acid and concentrated alkali adding mouth, top with empty pipe to exhaust gas.


Application Fields:

This CIP system is widely used in all food, beverage and pharmaceutical workshop, especially used for dairy product workshop. 

Equipment characteristics Technical parameters

Automatically heating cleaning liquid, set cleaning temperature through temperature controller, 

Limit the steam amount through controlling the steam control valve's opening frequency, thus to

keeping the cleaning liquidat needed temperature; All the tanks liquid level in the CIP system adopt auto-alarm;Manually add concentrated acid and alkaliwhen the cleaning liquid concentration reduced; Cleaning procedure change through manually operate relative pipes and valves; operators shallreplenishwater when the tank lack water.

CIP tank volume


CIP tank type

Alcali tank, acid tank, hot water, clean water tank, back water tank

Cleaning recycles

Single circuit, double circuits, three circuits, four circuits

Heating method

Coil pipe heating inside, outer plate type heating, outer tubular heating

Automatic types and characteristics

Full Automatic

1.  Auto control cleaning liquid flow rate;

2.  Auto control cleaning liquid temperature;

3.   Auto compensate the CIP liquid level;

4.   Auto compensate the acid and alkali liquid concentration;

5.  Auto control acid, alkali and hot water cleaning liquid clean process;

6. With system alarm device


1.   Auto control clean liquid temperature

2. With electrical control cabinet, manual operate the other operation

Manual control

1.     Manual operate on the cleaning process


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